The results are in, what next?


If you got your exam results today, congratulations and well done on getting the grades you wanted and for confirming your place at university! If you didn’t get the grades you hoped for, then don’t worry there’s still plenty of options for you.

My grades were lower than expected, what happens next?

1. Even if you didn’t make the required grades, some universities make exceptions, so you might still be offered a place at either your chosen university or your insurance choice.

2. OK, so you didn’t make it onto your chosen course, but sometimes universities will offer you a place on an alternative course instead.

3. If you haven’t been offered a place or a change of course at your chosen university, then you can apply for a place on a course at many universities through Clearing.

If you’re unsure of how your grades affect your place at university, then be sure to login and check UCAS Track, as this will show any updates to the status of your application(s). Remember, you can always contact the university directly as well to speak with someone about your options and next steps.

What if I got the grades I needed?

1. You’re off to university! If you got the grades required for entry on your chosen course then your place will be confirmed. Check your status on UCAS Track.

2. If you haven’t sorted it already, you’ll want to decide where you’re going to live when you go to university. Student accommodation gets booked up very quickly, so don’t leave it too late. If you’re studying in London, why not stay at our friendly and secure student accommodation at The Hive in Bethnal Green?

No matter the grades you got, the university you’re studying at or the course you’ll be on, you should be proud of yourself for getting this far – the hard work has paid off! Take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your summer before the fun and hard work of university kicks off next month.

Got the grades but still looking for a place to live? To find out how you can join our thriving student community at The Hive please contact us today on 020 3551 2550 to arrange a viewing.

Why choose The Hive?


When you’re searching for a holiday, you probably have an idea of the type of hotel you are looking for and a list of criteria that you want the destination to meet; is it close to the beach? Is there a swimming pool onsite? What’s the nightlife like? Well, the same goes for student accommodation. A big part of coming to university is about where you will be living. You will probably be looking for a comfortable and safe place to live, situated in a central location, close to university, transport links and nightlife. If that’s the case, then look no further!

Our student accommodation at The Hive is comfortable, stylish and affordable, and provides a home away from home for both international and UK students who are looking for a safe, friendly and secure community to base their London student experience. Let’s take a closer look…

Bethnal-Green-UndergroundSituated just 2 minutes’ walk away from Bethnal Green’s Overground and Underground tube stations, and right on the doorstep of Shoreditch and the surrounding districts of Brick Lane, Whitechapel and Aldgate, The Hive is a much desired location for student’s studying in London. Queen Mary University of London is just 15 minutes away on foot, and others including City University, London School of Economics and University of the Arts London are only a short car or tube journey away.

the-hive-studioA space of your own
At The Hive, all of our rooms are en-suite studios; which means you’ll have your own private space to study, sleep, shower and cook. There’s plenty of storage and shelf space for your belongings, a large desk for you to knuckle down with your studies and there’s even a dishwasher – so they’ll be no more washing up!

Communal space
the-hive-commonWhile it’s great to get away and relax in your own private space, we understand that sometimes you will want to relax and socialise with your friends. That’s why The Hive offers plenty of common areas – both inside and outside, for you to get together. Catch up in our lounge, watch your favourite programmes in the TV room, work together in the study area, enjoy some fresh air in the courtyard, and you can even challenge one another to a game of pool!

the-hive-external-2-800x450Roof top terrace
If all of the communal space wasn’t enough, we also have a rooftop terrace for you to enjoy. When the sun’s shining, why not take a break from your studies – or take your studies outside, and revel in some amazing views of London while you work, right from our rooftop.

To find out how you can join our thriving student community at The Hive please contact us today on 020 3551 2550 to arrange a viewing.

Staying Safe in London


London is such a beautiful place, but like any big city…even London has its do’s and don’ts!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the capital safely and make sure you have the very best experience…

Traveling around the city

London has so many iconic locations and buildings that you must see, but make sure that you are always vigilant and aware of what and who is around you. London is a well-secured city, CCTV is in full operation around the city 24/7, even in restaurants and bars so make sure you have fun and if you follow our simple advice, we’ll help keep you safe!

Keeping your belongings safe

  • Always keep your bags close and do not leave them anywhere as this could lead to a security alert.
  • Try not to carry much cash with you and keep wallets and purses close by at all times.
  • When you are using an ATM machine, make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder and always shield you PIN.

Staying safe in your accommodation

As we all know the majority of student life is spent partying and having fun, make sure that you are still aware of anything happening around your student accommodation. At The Hive we have a fob access entrance that only allow residents who live at the accommodation enter the building. CCTV is always in operation around the building with an onsite management team and out of hours security guards located in reception.

Even though we have staff on site at all times, here are a few tips that you can do to keep safe:

  • Do NOT leave your keys lying around for anyone to pick up.
  • Always lock the door behind you and keep your bedroom door locked when you are sleeping.
  • If you see anything suspicious, make sure that you report it to the management team or security as soon as possible.

Remember, The Hive has been designed with you and your safety in mind!

Useful Contacts

  • In an emergency dial 999 from your handset or phone box.
  • If you lose your belongings or it has been stolen, report it lost as soon as possible and dial 101 for your nearest police station.
  • The Hive reception: 020 3551 2550

Here at the Hive all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard AND our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 020 3551 2550 to arrange a viewing.

The horrors of shared student accommodation


When you think of University – apart from the studying – one thing comes to mind. Freedom. For probably the first time in your life you will be living independently from your Parents. And, while this might sound like the recipe for one long party the reality can be far, far removed…

Unless you are one of the sensible students that make The Hive your home, you may find yourself in shared student accommodation. While our Hive residents are enjoying our comfortable and more importantly CLEAN self-contained studio flats and stylish communal areas, those in shared student accommodation will be living with a houseful of other students all experiencing living away from home for the first time.

Living in close proximity to people who, at the beginning of the year, are essentially strangers, is not without its pitfalls. While at home everyone understands the hierarchy and, while you might share the chores, let’s be honest your parents do pick up a lot of the slack. Dinner is cooked for you, your washing is probably done and the bathroom doesn’t smell like someone has died in there. Often.

10 people, one house, no rules… what could possibly go wrong?

Every single room – well the communal ones at least, are, well what can only be described as squalid. The problem is, with no one to nag your housemates into not being the messiest people on the planet it just sort of happens. Any attempt at a house cleaning rota is futile and NO ONE wants to take out the rubbish.

I just want to make particular mention of the bathrooms and kitchens of shared student accommodation. Shared bathrooms in partticular are a warm, damp breeding ground for everything nasty. This is movie filth. Toilets, surprisingly, don’t flush themselves and WHY IS THERE SO MUCH HAIR EVERYWHERE. The poor person that ALWAYS ends up cleaning the matted, slimy (why is it slimy) hair from the plug hole deserves a medal. If you have ever endured the sheer grossness of someone else’s hair gunk actually touching your bare skin, you’ll know why.

Some say borrowing; others may call it theft, but that’s just splitting hairs (see previous point). Now, this could be anything from food – which was quite clearly marked as yours – to books, clothes and lovely clean smelling toiletries that you mistakenly left in the (gross) shared bathroom, rookie mistake. There’s always one housemate that is perpetually broke who pilfers from the communal kitchen with promises to replace once they have some money….

Washing up
There is no magic washing up fairy. If everyone just washed what they used instead of trying to recreate the leaning tower of Pisa in mouldy plates then the house would be a happier place. It’s not too much to ask for there to be clean mugs in the cupboard right?

Uninvited Guests
There always seems to ‘extra’ people in the house. And what don’t these extra people do. Clean. That’s what.

Living in shared accommodation is no walk in the park but, for the students that make their University home at The Hive well, they get all the good bits of student living and none of the bad. Each of our self-contained apartments has a fitted kitchen and en suite bathroom. That means the food in the fridge stays in the fridge. The hair in the plughole is your hair – slightly less gross to clean out and when you want some peace and quiet you can have it.

To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 020 3551 2550 to arrange a viewing.

How to survive Christmas at… HOME


You might have only left home 3 months ago but a LOT has happened. New friends, new experiences and new responsibilities. In fact, University ‘you’ is probably quite different to the home ‘you’ your Parents dropped off just a few short months ago. University ‘you’ looks after themselves. University you studies hard, stays up late, goes to foam parties on Monday nights (maybe!) and stays in bed until the afternoon. Your Parents don’t know University ‘you’ (and probably never will!).

So, if the thought of packing up the University version of yourself and returning home is filling you with dread you are not alone. But, wait… I PROMISE you it’s not going to be as bad you think it is. Here are five reasons why going home for Christmas will be brilliant…

Your Parents have missed you and, your Mum has three months of looking after you to catch up on.  So instead of thinking that your Mum’s fussing is suffocating you – you’ve had 3 months freedom after all – embrace it, put your feet up, be a tiny bit more lazy than usual and let her fuss. You’re doing her a favour really.

Over the last few months you will have discovered that some chores are worse than others and doing laundry often tops the most-hated list (is there such a list, who knows). Make sure you take as MUCH washing home with you as you can. At the end of each term you’ll join hundreds of other students on their homebound journeys buckling under the weight of unwashed jeans, it’s quite the sight to behold! Oh and don’t forget your bedding and towels too. Honestly your Mum will thank you for it.

Sure you’ve made a load of new friends at Uni but they don’t know you like your home friends do. Not yet anyway. Round up your oldest mates, get down the local, share your University adventures and demonstrate your all new disappearing jagerbomb trick. Who wouldn’t be impressed… #skills. Don’t forget though your home friends don’t know your Uni mates so try not to bore them with too many hilarious stories of Dave in the union they have NO idea who he is…!

Lovely, delicious, comforting, FREE home cooked food. University is great and all that but nothing beats your Mums home cooking. So play the starving student card and take full advantage of the stocked cupboards, full fridge and willing chef. It’d be rude not to. And, hopefully you’ll get a food parcel to take back too.

Its Christmas there will be presents. In fact you might get some useful stuff for once. Notepads, stationery, books – maybe even some booze AND if you’re really lucky that new laptop that you really REALLY need.

I know… but you will have some assignments to do over the Christmas break. And, I know that at home you don’t have access to the University library you do have an opportunity to get some work done with no distractions. Plus it’s a great excuse not to have plan an excruciatingly dull game of Monopoly that you know is only going to end in tears.

And, remember in a few short weeks you’ll be back at University.

The Hive provides secure student accommodation in the heart of Bethnal Green. For more information please call us on +44 (0) 3551 2550 or book your viewing here.

What I learned during my first year studying abroad


My first year studying in the UK was a roller-coaster ride. So many things to learn and being so far away from your family is tough. Here are the most important things that I learned in my first year… I hope it helps!

I CAN survive without my Mom
My Mom is a super woman. She just knows. Knows where things are, how to do things, what temperature to cook things on, what detergent to buy – the list is endless. But you know what, so do I now. Mostly because I Skyped her and asked her. A lot. BUT… I’ve learned how to cook, clean, study… l’m proud of myself and, more importantly, so is she.

The teaching style was different to what I was used to
PANIC… actually I didn’t need to worry as there was so much support available. My teachers were great and easily contactable if ever I had a problem. The people on my course were a great help too and if you’re really stuck there will be learning support available.

Make friends and make plans
In the first few weeks while everyone is settling in and finding their way around there were definitely times that I felt lonely and with my family thousands of miles away it was tough. Then I joined the international society and found lots of friends. They may not be from your country BUT you’ll meet people that either are or have been in the same position as you and who will give you the support you need. Also, what did you love doing at home? There will definitely be a society for that, (there’s one for EVERYTHING) that way you’ll meet new people with the same interests as you.

Everything costs… EVERYTHING…!
Did your Mom every say ‘You treat this place like a hotel’?  Mine did. It was a bit of shock having the responsibility of managing my finances and paying for everything. The beauty of living at The Hive is it that your rent, heating, telephone, Wi-Fi are all taken care of in one all-inclusive monthly payment!

Budgeting is critical to your survival. Download a ‘Home Budget’ app and use it! Put your monthly allowance in, then all your outgoings. So, for me that is my Hive payment PLUS, travel, food – don’t under estimate how much food costs, cell phone… and that way I definitely know how much I have left to spend in the Student Union!

Living in London is amazing
Truly, truly amazing. And, contrary to the above point there are LOTS of things to do for free. You probably won’t have much money, so make the most of the free museums and galleries.

Some things just taste better at home
I don’t know what it is, but the UK version of whatever food you are craving just won’t be the same. My suggestion. Monthly food parcels… you get some home comforts, your family feel like they are still looking after you and you save some money. Win, win WIN.

There are a LOT of accents in the UK
You know that English accent you think everyone has. Like the Queen. They don’t. There is an array of accents you’ll have to deal with and at first understanding everyone will be exhausting. But you’ll soon know your London from your Liverpool and everywhere in between.

You’ll need a coat
It rains in England. It can be cold, wet and unpredictable. Take a coat, if you don’t have a warm one buy one when you get there. And, gloves. You’ll thank me for it.

The Hive provides secure student accommodation in the heart of Bethnal Green. For more information please call us on +44 (0) 3551 2550 or book your viewing here.

3 Fun things for students to do in Bethnal Green


Life at University isn’t all about knuckling down to hard work (ok, it is a little bit about that, but bear with us).  Sometimes, a break from your studies is required, and that’s when it comes in really handy to have the delights of London right on your student accommodation doorstep.

The Hive is situated right in the heart of cool London, with Shoreditch, Old Street and Brick lane just moments away.  So, with that in mind, here are our top three things to do in Bethnal Green when you want a little time off from your studies.

  1. 120 years ago, Bethnal Green was a very different place. Neighbouring Whitechapel was the haunt of notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, and buildings today that house quirky and cool pubs, cafes, and boutique shops, might once have been frequented by this infamous London resident.  Relive the horror of yesteryear (and learn the fascinating history of Victorian London) with Jack the Ripper tours, which are held daily.  If you dare…
  2. Looking to experience London from a slightly more… modern… perspective? Things don’t come more contemporary than ever trendy Shoreditch, located just a few minutes walk from The Hive student accommodation.The evolutionary home of the London hipster, Shoreditch is famous for great coffee, cool cocktails, and amazing street art, as well as the newly redeveloped Old Spitalfields Market, where you’ll find boutique shops sitting side by side with big brand eateries, live events and gigs, and delicious street food stop offs.
  1. You can’t be a student living in Bethnal Green without at least hearing about the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Timeout Magazine describes this London oddity as “A must see on the night life map” and the venue is an ever popular destination for students and locals alike.  Once seen, never forgotten!

There’s a whole lot more to Bethnal Green than the above, of course (we haven’t even started on Brick Lane), but we hope we’ve given you a little taste of inspiration for what your London student experience has to offer.