Make The Most Out Of Your Summer


Finally exams are over and we can start looking forward to Summer 2016!

No more late night revision sessions, no more trips to the library and better yet – no more exams…well, until next year!

Before you start spending those summer days wondering what to do as you have no assignments to finish – we have a few ideas for you that can help you make the most of the few summer months you have off!


While at university, the only time that you can freely explore and travel is in the summer – so make sure that you make the most of it. Grab some friends and take a road trip, visit cities you have never been to before and do things you haven’t done because let’s face it, that’s what you call “Student Life”. Why not check out the Top Ten places to visit this summer!


I know…how obvious but when it comes to summer, students start planning to travel, go to the beach, music festivals, carnivals etc. Which is great but don’t forget there’s nothing wrong with having a few lazy days with a cup of tea and a good movie, so sink into your sofa and enjoy!


I completely agree – After a hard year at university, summer is there for you to have some fun and do what you want. However, there is no harm putting a few hours into volunteering that might make a difference in someone else’s life – you can check out what’s on near you online at Go on, do a good deed!


In the words of Rhianna, yes working through the summer is a great idea! Not only are you earning money but you can add this to your CV as work experience, which is a bonus as it will help you get an even better job when you graduate.


Doing small courses or light revision throughout your summer break will help keep your mind active, so that when you go back to university after summer you won’t be so lost and trying to figure out what you learnt the previous year. Even doing a short internship abroad can open your mind set and can also send some opportunities your way.

Well done for making it through the academic year, now you can unwind and treat yourself. Remember to eat well, get enough sleep and have fun as the next academic year is just around the corner!

Here at The Hive all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard AND our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 020 3551 2550 to arrange a viewing.

Staying Safe in London


London is such a beautiful place, but like any big city…even London has its do’s and don’ts!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the capital safely and make sure you have the very best experience…

Traveling around the city

London has so many iconic locations and buildings that you must see, but make sure that you are always vigilant and aware of what and who is around you. London is a well-secured city, CCTV is in full operation around the city 24/7, even in restaurants and bars so make sure you have fun and if you follow our simple advice, we’ll help keep you safe!

Keeping your belongings safe

  • Always keep your bags close and do not leave them anywhere as this could lead to a security alert.
  • Try not to carry much cash with you and keep wallets and purses close by at all times.
  • When you are using an ATM machine, make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder and always shield you PIN.

Staying safe in your accommodation

As we all know the majority of student life is spent partying and having fun, make sure that you are still aware of anything happening around your student accommodation. At The Hive we have a fob access entrance that only allow residents who live at the accommodation enter the building. CCTV is always in operation around the building with an onsite management team and out of hours security guards located in reception.

Even though we have staff on site at all times, here are a few tips that you can do to keep safe:

  • Do NOT leave your keys lying around for anyone to pick up.
  • Always lock the door behind you and keep your bedroom door locked when you are sleeping.
  • If you see anything suspicious, make sure that you report it to the management team or security as soon as possible.

Remember, The Hive has been designed with you and your safety in mind!

Useful Contacts

  • In an emergency dial 999 from your handset or phone box.
  • If you lose your belongings or it has been stolen, report it lost as soon as possible and dial 101 for your nearest police station.
  • The Hive reception: 020 3551 2550

Here at the Hive all our rooms have a purpose built study area as standard AND our students are able to take advantage of our clean and airy communal study areas. To find out how you can join our thriving student community please contact us today on 020 3551 2550 to arrange a viewing.

Festive food fun in Bethnal Green…


The Christmas break is almost upon us and you know what that means…. you’ve made it through the first term of University in one piece! 2015’s freshers have made new friends, taken on new responsibilities and, for International Students, found their way in a completely new country. If that’s not cause for celebration I don’t know what is!

There are so many amazing places to choose from right on the doorstep of The Hive that you’re pretty much spoiled for choice! So, if you’re having problems deciding whether a cat cafe (seriously), a down and dirty curry or a proper pub is the perfect venue for some festive fun with friends (sorry couldn’t resist) we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out 5 of our most favourite, quirky, student friendly venues all within a stones throw of The Hive!

Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium
152-154 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG
Open daily 10am – 5pm (except Wednesday when they’re changing the cat litter, probably)
We couldn’t leave this fabulously quirky cat cafe out of our ‘best-places-to-go’ list. It’s not a place for a wild night out but you DO get to stroke the resident cats that wander around this 2-storey spot for coffee and cake, lined with sofas and bookcases. Food on offer includes brick lane bagels, afternoon tea and seasonal goodies, prices vary and you’ll need to book to get close to the kitties!

83-89 Fieldgate St, London E1 1JU
Open daily Midday to 11:30pm
This LEGEN……(wait for it) DARY curry house should, according to Time Out, be on the bucket list of any visitor to London. So, living in such close proximity you’d be foolish to miss it. Neon lights, excellent food, great value and and with a full on raucous atmosphere Tayyabs have been serving the finest Punjabi cuisine to Londoners since 1972 so they must be getting something right.

E Pellicci
332 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 0AG
Open daily this vintage Art Deco workers’ cafe has been serving the East End since 1900…! First rate fry ups that’ll cure any hangover, superb Italian classics and puddings to die for a greasy spoon this is not. Food prepared with love and a good old east end welcome set this ‘caff’ on a totally different level.

The Star of Bethnal Green
359 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6LG
Open Fri, Sat and Sun midday to 2am the rest of the week 4pm to 12am
Large and laid back you’ll find quiz nights, karaoke rooms (screech your heart out in private), festive shenanigans and Djs. Food prices start at a very reasonable £7 and you can even get a LOCALS reward card… What’s not to love?

Sông Quê Café
134 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DY
Opening hours are varied, check the website for more details.
Often with queues around the block Sông Quê Café has been serving London’s finest Vietnamese cuisine and authentic Phở in a basic street-kitchen setting since 2002 and it just keeps getting better! Pho starts at just £9, delicious and reasonable. One not to be missed.

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